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Armenian love

coffee tour in Armenia, 4 days

• 100% guarantee of arrival. Even if there is 1 person in the group - the tour will take place. Cancel Only you can ride yourself.
• "All inclusive". You take only personal things on the list. The tour price includes meals, accommodation, sauna, all necessary equipment, simple things like toilet paper, spare towels, flashlight or utensils. No additional program costs.
• Reasonableness. Plan a route, hearty meals, instructions in case of accident, insurance and replacement options.

Steep serpentine curls, cliffs, waterfall with a 45-storey building and hawks instead of doves. This tour - what you need to explore the Altai Mountains.
Be prepared to walk a lot and live in conditions that are close to hiking.

The most important features
We are waiting for 7 days, 800 kilometers, clear mountain air and the constant change of scenery. From the main:
• We drive for Chuysk - this road is one of the five most beautiful in the world by National Geographic.
• Climb over the famous mountain pass Katu-Yaryk that not every machine will be mastered.
• We will see the valley Chulyshman rivers due to its steep cliffs compared with the American Grand Canyon.
• Let's go through dozens of mountain streams and several waterfalls. Proberёmsya Uchar to the waterfall, the highest in the Altai (rapids - 160 meters).
• Feel as giant stone mushrooms, which are still sharpening of winds and rains rocks.
• Maintain a boat ride across the lake Teletskoye, the deepest after Lake Baikal.
there is a bonus to the natural attractions. Firstly, if you're lucky, we meet funny yamaranga local gophers, hawks and domestic rabbits. Secondly, in parking lots you can ride horses and have a little alloys. Finally, we will look at the right places to buy the famous collection of the Altai herbs, balm and honey.