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Yerevan Pandok

It is our pleasure to host you in the beautiful halls of Tavern Yerevan restaurant where you will appear in an unmatched environment offering an excellent combination of price, quality and service. The menu of the restaurant includes a number of dishes, some of which have endured for centuries as the favorites of Armenians and are still on the list of the most popular dishes. When preparing our menu we were guided by a simple principle-to offer a purely Armenian cuisine that will feature forgotten or almost forgotten dishes. We have also included the best samples of the

Caucasian cuisine that are suitable to our customers’ taste, but are also unique and somewhat different.

Our success is triggered by the highest quality and variety of the dishes we offer. We do our best to review the restaurant’s menu regularly, we use only the freshest products to prepare our dishes that represent the essenses of the culinary art and last but not the least –we make sure our waiters and staff in general are well trained, well-behaved and are able to deliver good service. The interior design of Tavern Yerevan stands out by its harmony, the comfort it offers and its unique decor and as such can satisfy even the most demanding customers. You will feel at home and at ease here, wrapped in attention you will taste the unparalleled assortment of Armenian dishes while also enjoying the subtle melodies of the national music.